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What is Probate (or Grant of Probate)?

The Probate Law

If you’re the executor of a will, the people you deal with (banks, nursing homes, real estate agents, solicitors, etc) need to be sure the will is valid and you’re the right person to administer it - so, they might ask you to prove it.

The way you prove it is to ask the Supreme Court to take a look at the will and the facts at hand, and if after doing so they’re satisfied that it’s legit, and you’re the correct person to administer it, they give (grant) you a letter saying it’s legit. That’s grant of probate.

Probate comes from the latin word ‘probatum’, which means ‘something proved’.

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If you don’t have grant of probate, people could challenge your right to administer the will - both now, and into the future. By having grant of probate, you can have clarity around your actions as an executor of the will.

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Intent on Public
Trustee of QLD
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