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How much does grant of probate cost in QLD

The Probate Law

There are two types of costs – the fixed costs, which you need to pay in all cases, even if you DIY, and then our service fees.

The fixed costs in QLD are;
Supreme Court Filing Fee of $706.70 (concession card holders can apply for a discounted fee of $124.50)
Advertising fee for the Queensland Law Reporter of $161.70

Our published ‘fully inclusive’ fee is inclusive of the fixed costs, and our professional fees.

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Understanding the options

D.I.Y. vs Our Service

Total cost unknown Fixed
Supreme Court
Filing Fee
706.70* included
Law Reporter
Advertising Costs
161.70 included
Drafting of legally
required notices
? included
Preparing and filing
applicant affidavit
? included
Attending to filing at
the Supreme Court
? included
Drafting and preparing
court application
? included
Review of death
certificate and will
? included
Collecting original Grant of Probate from court ? included
Responding to
relevant questions
? included
Serve Notice of
Intent on Public
Trustee of QLD
? included

*Concession card holders can apply
for a reduced filing fee of $124.50